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Cheap Hotels in Bandung Info Economical Price

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Cheap Hotels in Bandung Info Economical Price


Cheap hotels in Bandung at economical prices currently the most widely sought after. The hotel price is cheap but with good quality of choice of guests who want to stay in Bandung. The Bandung Tour has compiled a list of cheap hotels in Bandung with economical price. The economical price already Bandung Tour categorize a price above Rp 200,000, - to Rp 400,000, -. That price is perfect if you want a hotel with good quality but at a very economical price.


For now, we can only show some of the list of hotels in Bandung that offers an economical price to 200 thousand, due in Bandung itself many nice hotels that offer room price of 200 thousand. Although there are also several hotels in Bandung that offer price of 100 thousands, but it certainly is not the same amenities offered by the hotel following the hotel.


Okay here is a list of cheap economical in Bandung for 200 thousand per room per malanya. Click on Booking Hotel Bandung to see the facilities of each hotel and to check the availability of hotel rooms.

Villa In Bandung

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Villa Di Bandung


Renting a villa is perfect for those of you who are traveling out of town or on vacation. Villa more privacy than the usual hotel. When compared with Homestay and hotels always, usually more expensive rents villas. But Villa here you will need when you bring the family and wanted privacy is always maintained.


By renting a villa, the security and your privacy will be assured, so that Villa could be used as an alternative "second home" when you are traveling out of town. Villa also usually located in areas near the attractions that have a cool atmosphere.


In Bandung itself is also a lot of standing Villa prices ranging from cheap to luxurious villa at millions. Most villas in Bandung is located in Minneapolis and St. Paul who incidentally is a cool area and many tourist areas like Tangkuban Perahu or Dago Pakar.


If you are currently looking for information Villa in Bandung, especially Villa at a bargain price, we will give listing Villa in Bandung are on low prices. Cheap prices here are in the range of Rp 200,000, - to Rp 1.000.000, -. While you know yourself most villas in Bandung memebrikan price above 1 million.


Here is the list of Villa's in Bandung at a price of between Rp 200,000, - to Rp 1.000.000, -